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Challenge #15

CHALLENGE #15: trope_overdosed 20in20!

Welcome to trope_overdosed super special themed Challenge #15: trope_overdosed 20in20! Interested to see how this will all come about? READ ON!


+ To sign-up, simply reply to this post with your username. This is so the mods can provide you with posting access to the community.
+ You may sign up until voting begins. Meaning there is not time limit on sign-ups.
+ The round is based on themes alone, so you do not have to make a claim. You are welcome to icon whatever fandoms you wish (including stock and fashion) as long as they fit the themes.
+ The themes for Challenge #15 have been provided below.
+ Entries must be linked in a new post to the community. You may post your icons at your individual icon journals, however they are welcome to be posted here as well.
+ You have 20 days to submit your icons.
+ Voting will begin December 23rd, 10:30PM AUS EST +11 GMT.
+ Results will be posted on December 30th.
+ Any questions or concerns about this challenge can be asked here.


Character Tropes: 5 icons must be based on 5 different Character Tropes.
Genre Tropes: 5 icons must be based on 5 different Genre Tropes
Category Set - Technical Tropes: Make 1 icon based on each of the following Technical Tropes, with a total of 5 icons.
Artists Choice Set: Make 5 Artists Choice icons based on any Trope you wish. You may re-use tropes that have already been used in this community, as well as the many others found at the TV Tropes site.

Technical Tropes

01. Face Framed in Shadow: The subjects face/body must be hidden (or almost hidden) by a shadow/silhouette.

watchpoint | neke | grublets_on_ice | innocent_lexys

02. Plot Sensitive Items: One of the textures provided must be used on your icon.

Texture #1 | Texture #2 | Texture #3
naushika | gallicka | fuuurs
Texture #4 | Texture #5 | Texture #6
slayground | planets-bend-between-us | shoqolad

03. Widescreen Shot: This icon must feature a wide crop, with some sort of framing to focus the crop.

summerstorm | ivydoor | dudette_in_town | holidaylights

04. Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning: This icon must feature predominately blue or yellow lighting, or a combination of both.

giulsss | an_aiko | fulminant | setentpet

05. Half-empty Two Shot: This icon must feature at least half the space as 'empty'.

ellaangelus | bloodstream7 | sourpony | spg_spn_girls


Please use the following codes when posting your icons.

Vast Bureaucracy:
>> Disorganized Outline Speech (Introductory Post)
>> Read The Freaking Manual (Rules & Information)
>> Bait & Switch Credits (Glossary)
>> Department of Redundancy Department (Tags)
>> What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? (Suggestion Box)
>> TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life (TV Tropes)

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