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TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life
Wonder Woman
ACKK. I hope I'm not late. I've been such a dedicated stalker for a long time and now it's too late. ;_; Anyway, here is my wee contribution to an awesome community.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
+4Collapse )

angel | blair
Honestly, I'm rubbish for having been the quintessential stalker lurker, and you never know an epic thing until it's gone, etc, etc. </3 hill aside, this comm is one of the best things I've ever, ever seen on LJ, not least because there are tropes, and they are loved, and it's one of the most innovative things I have ever seen. 

#ILoveYouBecauseICan'tControlYou #AngstWhatAngst #Blatant Lies
12 Nov 12 - challenge #30.
[b] is everyone here very stoned?
I had always meant to enter in the past but never found the time until this challenge, it would seem. And I totally wanted to enter twice this amount.

twelve total.Collapse )
12 Nov 12 - challenge #30
Goodbye, trope_overdosed I don't remember if I've actually participated before. I got word of you way too late ;_;

It's very little, but I couldn't just not submit anything, so here are 3 little icons:

|Action Girl| Put On a Bus |Tastes Like Diabetes
12 Nov 12 - Last Reminder
disney. flawless queen.

DEADLINE: 12 November 2012

You only have 24 hours left to submit your icons!

CLARK KENTING: 12 Sumbissions

11 Nov 12 - Challenge #30
Film: The Fall yellow coat
I have 16 icons for this last challenge. I'm sad to see this community go.


Here @ illusoir_icons
11 Nov 12 - Challenge #30
(wjsn) seola
Ugh, as if I wouldn't enter this. Unfortunately, I only have a handful because I am not in an iconning mood as of late. Still, I had to crank something out for this wonderful community. Goodbye, T-O! ♥

There seem to be about eight + a couple alternates.Collapse )
11 Nov 12 - Challenge #30
firefly; inara

paint it black

One icon is better than none...?
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