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Information & Rules

All There In The Manual

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+ What is trope_overdosed ?
trope_overdosed is an icon challenge community that takes its challenges from the TV Tropes site.

+ The community is called TV Tropes. Does that mean I can only submit Television icons?
Not at all. You may enter any media, including Television Shows, Movies, Short Films, Music Videos, Video Games, Comics, Cartoon Strips, Manga, Theatre productions, Stock and Fashion, that fulfill the requirements of each Challenge, unless the Challenge specifies otherwise.

+ I don't understand your lingo. It’s like you’re speaking a foreign language.
Not foreign, just trope-tastic! You can find a glossary here to explain the terms used within the community.

+ How does trope_overdosed work?
A variety of challenges will be posted weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly depending on the type of challenge. They will focus on technical, topical (interpretative) or a combination of these elements.

All icons must be made brand-spanking new for each challenge. The minimum and maximum number will vary with the challenges. They must adhere to those pesky Live Journal standards (100x100 pixels or less, under 40kb in size) unless the challenge states otherwise.

Submissions will be screened if the challenge requires it. Where possible, please try to host your icons at an anonymous site, such as imageshack and imgur. Please remember to keep your icons anonymous until voting is over, so as not to ruin the fun.

Voting & Results
Voting timeframes will reflect the timeframe of each challenge, and votes may be screened if the challenge requires it. Votes will not be weighted with the exception of ties, so we still ask that you vote for your favorites in order.

Special category voting may be introduced if the challenge requires it. If this occurs, there will be a note in the voting format to explain what the category is.

Once the results have been posted, submissions and votes will be unscreened. Please note in your submission if you do not wish your icon to be unscreened.

+ Path of Inspiration
If a challenge is proving to be exceptionally challenging, a Path of Inspiration may be posted, providing participants with resources such as screencaps, textures, inspiration in the form of graphics, or anything else that may prove useful. Previous Paths can be found in the Resource post, allowing you quick access to each Path of Inspiration for all challenges.

+ I have a trope suggestion for a challenge. Where can I let the mods know?
Drop them a comment here!
Community suggestions in regards to any community related areas are welcome here.
Challenge & Trope suggestions of tropes you’d like to see featured in a challenge, or types of challenges you'd like to see run are welcome here.

+ I've read the freaking manual, and I still have a question. Where can I ask it?
If you're still unsure about something, don't fret! Simply post your question here, and one of the mods will gladly help you out!
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