_paula_ (_puchula_) wrote in trope_overdosed,


TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life

Welcome to trope_overdosed , an icon challenge community that draws its challenges from the TV Tropes.

Your lovely moderators are:
Deadpan Snarker: _puchula_
Blondes Are Evil: raiindust
But I Digress: tinebrella

Everything you need to know can be found if you read the freaking manual (please), and if it's not there in the manual, feel free to drop the mods a comment here.

Want to be a Spin-Off? Let us know here!

Suggestions? What do you mean it’s not awesome? You can brag to us via dumbass has a point, or share in some conversational troping.

Still confused? Consider visiting the Department Of Redundancy Department or Bait and Switch Credits for a more thorough explanation.
Tags: !info
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