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Challenge #30: The Beginning of the End - A Grand Finale for trope-overdosed

DEADLINE: 12th November 2012

CLARK KENTING: 0 Submissions

From the beginning trope_overdosed focused on one thing: turning tropes into topical (interpretative) and technical challenges for everyone to enjoy. The first 15 tropes chosen for our Grand Finale are flashbacks to tropes of challenges past, a sentimental statement from the mods to you.

01.Action Girl
She doesn't sit around waiting to be rescued. She's got physical moves of her own to make, and she's not afraid to use them.

02.Smoking is Cool
If you're badass, you smoke and vice versa, nine times out of ten a fictional smoker is a Badass. No childlike or upbeat characters smoke.

03.Sharp Dressed Man
"Clothes make the man" is this guy's motto. A three-piece-suit is the usual embodiment of this trope, but more imaginative outfits can qualify as well.

04.Hetrosexual Life Partners
Two extremely close friends or partners, both the same gender, who spend an 'excessive' amount of time together on and off the job.

05.Awesomeness is Volatile
Things will blow up, heads can explode/implode, or even the universe could end, all for no other reason than the awesomeness which caused it.

06.Femme Fatal
She's stunningly beautiful and alluring, and she knows it. Made famous by Film Noir and hard-boiled detective stories, the Femme Fatale manipulates and confuses the hero with her undeniable aura of sexiness and danger.

07.Gorgeous Period Dress
The trope consists of setting your story in Period Pieces, at a time and place in which the costumes were (or people think they were) very beautiful, and using lots of actors and extras in these beautiful costumes.

08.Sliding Scale of Shiny Versus Gritty
Create a light icon to represent a good character, a dark icon to represent a bad character.


09.Camera Screw
Position your subject in an unordinary angle.


10.Tastes Like Diabetes
Vibrant to the extreme (and then draw it back a little): maintain a focus on all those bright colors!


11.Gaussian Girl
Icons must have a soft coloring and feature a blurry, glowing look.


12.Real is Brown
The colouring must be predominantly brown.


13.Plot Sensitive Items
One of the textures provided must be used on your icon.


slayground | planets-bend-between-us | shoqolad

14.Yellow Lightning, Blue Blightning
Must feature predominantly blue or yellow lighting, or a combination of both.


15.Iris Out
Your icon must feature quite big horizontal borders, on the top and on the bottom of the icon.


As the end draws near, the second group of 15 tropes represents a variety of ways a story (or challenge community) can end. With a bang would be preferable (wouldn’t it always?) so feel free to explore our ending tropes with as much enjoyment as those that kicked life into the community!

16.You Can’t Go Home Again
For some reason or another, one of the main characters is displaced from their home and is unable to return.

17.Bittersweet Ending
Somewhere between the Happily Ever After and the Downer Ending, the Bittersweet Ending happens when victory came at a harsh price, when some irrevocable loss has happened during the course of the events, and nothing will ever be the same again.

18.All Just A Dream
Then the protagonist realizes, just as you do, that this has all been a dream, a really bad hallucination, or some other escape from reality.

19.Action Survivor
The Action Survivor is almost the opposite of the Action Hero; he's pretty normal in just about every way.

20.Earn Your Happy Ending
In short, your main characters go through absolute Hell, but in the end they will get a Happy Ending.

21.Put On A Bus
A character is written out of a series in such a way that they can easily be returned later, if the producers so choose. They are Put On A Bus.

22.Back For The Finale
When a character who has left the series returns for the Grand Finale, or the final film in the series.

23.Your Princess Is In Another Castle
The plot has been resolved... but the work isn't actually over yet. Before long, there's a twist thrown in. Alternately the plot looks all resolved, and we've almost reached the end, so it actually seems like everything's working out... but then the writers pull a Cliff Hanger situation to finish everything off.

24.The Future Is Noir
Icons must feature a lack of lighting in the focus.


25.Rebuilt Set
Rebuild icons submitted for a previous challenge, or create icons for a previous challenge if you didn't participate previously.

All previous challenges: including links to all tropes used.

26.Paint It Black
Icons must feature black, negative space.


27.Pan Up To The Sky Ending
Icons must feature a far crop with sky.


28.Riding Into The Sunset
Create an icon with warm hues and a soft contrast.


29.Above The Ruins
Icons must feature muted colors and grunge textures.


30.Epilogue Letter
Icons must feature multiple lines of text.


Challenge Guidelines
> Submit your set in a separate entry.
>> You may submit as many or as few icons as you like.
>> Minimum submission is 1 icon. There is no maximum icon submission for this challenge.
>> Running low on inspiration? Check out our resources page!
>> If you have any questions, please post them in a reply to this comment.
Tags: ch 30, submissions, tropes
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Go here!
alot of the example icons are gorgeous! *g* *saved alot*
can you use tropes more than once? :/
I'm going to say yes, but limit it to a possible 3 icons per trope, simply to encourage the use of as many tropes as possible in a post.


6 years ago

Do they all have to be in one post?

For example if I post some now, but then later decided to make more icons.
I'm going to say one post max, because it will be easier for the final round up post. However if you want to make a post now and then edit later with more icons that would be fine.
I'm trying to post my entry, but I get this error message: Client error: Don't have access to requested journal

Idk why :(
You didn't have posting access for some reason =/ I've now given it to you so hopefully you'll be able to post now :)


6 years ago

Hi! Just wondering around what time on the 12th the doors will close :(


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Trying to post, but I don't have access, oops!
It should work for you now :)


6 years ago


November 12 2012, 16:03:49 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  November 12 2012, 20:16:55 UTC

I don't have posting access T_T I'm sorry, and I think this is karma for procrastinating until the last possible second or something

eta: alternatively, please could I ask for a two-day extension, i.e. to November 15? Above procrastination aside, more icons could be made than what my present procrastination-induced time crunch could allow.
Posting access has been given.

The challenge is currently set to end here, and the most I can offer is another 12 hours on that because it's basically my sleep time. I don't think we want to keep drawing out the finality of the challenge.


6 years ago


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