i'm not really a waitress... (raiindust) wrote in trope_overdosed,
i'm not really a waitress...

Results #30: A Grand Finale


We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every participant, from those who submitted stunning entries for Challenge #30 to those who have been with us from the beginning. It has been our absolute pleasure running this community because of everyone who took the time to participate in our challenges. All good things however, must come to an end, and with that we present the results of Challenge #30 - with a mods choice for each participant (_puchula_'s to the left, raiindust's in the center and tinebrella's to the right) - to thank you so much for your participation as it's what kept this community running for all this time.

vampire_sessah: here

scoobyatemysnax: here

naginis: here

dashberlin: here

mm3butterfly: here

jokermary: here

angelamaria: here

val_valerie: here

the_silverdoe: here

odette_river: here

absolutelybatty: here

firstillusion: here

margerydaw_s2: here

neversleeps: here

jsfunction: here

hipokras: here

applepips16: here
Tags: ch 30, results
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